My Pansy Bag

I am a fanatical independent craft buyer, so when I first saw the Pansy Maiden Weekender Bag, I fell in love. I have never been one of those women who loves labels. I don’t care if my purse comes from Target or H&M, so long as it meets my needs. So imagine my surprise when I received my Weekender Bag in the mail in it fit everything I need!


This is not my photo; I took it from the Pansy Maiden website because I couldn’t get as good of a photo as she does, and my purse is packed full, so you wouldn’t be able to see the real dimensions. I receive loads of compliments on this bag and I love how it sits on my shoulder and that it comes with a long strap so that you can carry it like a messenger bag.

I teach college classes, so I stuff my purses full. I can’t fathom carrying around a purse and a bag for all of my stuff so I am grateful to find a bag that suits all of my needs. This bag is stitched so well and the cost is sure to go up due to the sheer construction of the piece, so I recommend getting yours as soon as possible. I love that this bag has pockets (both small and large) to fit keys, cell phone, chap stick, pens, etc. There is also a little built-in keychain that you can clip your keys to for ease of use (though I haven’t used it).

The best part of the bag is that it is eco-friendly and made in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about paying $200 for a bag made by 5 year olds! The denim is sturdy and the bag has already lived a dangerous life in my possession, so I can vouch for how well it is keeping up.

I often carry my laptop around though I don’t recommend this bag for carrying all of your goodies AND laptop as it is difficult to get to the things beneath the computer without taking everything out. Maybe if you don’t carry around papers and folders and dry-erase markers, it will work for you. I ponder buying more of these bags but I worry that I won’t want to rotate my Weekender Bag out of use!

So, I recommend throwing your desire for designer bags out and go with something that is practical, easy on the wallet and looks great! After all, shouldn’t our Journey to Thirty be about discovering what works for us? My Pansy Maiden bag works for me and I know it will work for you too!

3 thoughts on “My Pansy Bag

  1. I do love you bag! I am lusting after the gray messenger bag and the black bang bag. I’m thinking…Merry Christmas to me!

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