The Purl Bee

One day I was searching for new knitting patterns and I came across The Purl Bee, and amazing site featuring crochet, knitting, patchwork, felting, needlework, etc. I am such a stingy person that I honestly thought about not posting this because I didn’t want anyone to find my secret! But this is just too good not to fawn over.

Here’s a warning: some of these items will be Christmas gifts from me, so please act surprised if you open a gift that looks eerily reminiscent of something you saw on The Purl Bee. I couldn’t find anything on their site about copyright (I am a college professor so I am always wary of any form of plagiarism, etc), so unless they tell me “no”, I will show some of their amazing crafts!

Felt Aquarium Magnets These cute fish magnets are what spawned my obsession with this site! I can spend hours on this site and I have about 17 things I want to make. I love that they list out all of the materials you will need to make their crafts.

When I first saw these magnets I thought I could buy the felt at any craft store like Michaels, but when I went in the store, I was disappointed in the felt selection.

The great thing about The Purl Bee is that they have their own online shop in which you can purchase nearly everything they say is needed for a project and here is the best part: their products are high quality and exceed anything you will find at a local craft store!

Not only do some of their projects make excellent gifts, but they make excellent decorations as well! I love the idea of making my own holiday decorations and I especially like items that are non-traditional and spark up conversation.

Bird OrnamentsThese bird ornaments are probably the cutest/coolest things I have seen in a long time, and to say I have a little bit of a crush would be a serious understatement! I plan on making a million of these and decorating my whole tree with them this year. You can buy all of the fabric shown on these cute little birds from their online store, so if you want exact replicas, they have everything you could ever need.

I am really crafty and if you don’t know me, you will soon learn how much I love making things. I barely every “copy” things that other people have made so my willingness to replicate what The Purl Bee has done is truly a dedication to their genius. Half of the time, I look at their ideas and think “oh, wow, that is such a great idea” and then murmur, “wish I woulda thought of that”…

So, I guess my point is this: the “Journey to Thirty” is all about learning about yourself, exploring life, and celebrating what truly makes you happy. I think this nifty little website falls into the category of “something that makes me happy” and I am sure it will make you happy too!

If you know of any site similar to this that you think I might be interested in, let me know. I love finding new treasures and anything that makes me happy is a treasure in my book!

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