Decorating with Homemade Art

Homemade Wreath

One of the things that I have learned on my “Journey to 30” is that decorating is fun! I had always loved decorating, but I never had any money to buy supplies or to buy art outright. I have found that decorating our house with pictures we’ve taken, art my friends have made, art I’ve made and art I’ve purchased has really made it “home”.

Charcoal PieceI am, by no means, an artist. Two of my great friends are, however; and they just so happen to be brothers! I thought I would show some of the art that I have around the house that has been homemade. None of them are photos (believe me, I have plenty of those) but these are all handmade.

The first are two pieces made by Noal Nyland. He is notorious for coming up with things no one could imagine and making beautiful non-traditional pieces. Take, for example, his quilt made out of sugar packets (see his webpage)! The image to the left is a charcoal piece he gave me for a birthday (he framed it himself) and the other is a print he made in college (I framed this using checkered wrapping paper and a frame from IKEA). The toaster with tableware gets INSANE compliments from people because it is so unique and fits perfectly in our kitchen! I wish he would make more of these sorts of things because a whole set would look remarkable in a kitchen.

Kitchen PieceThese are 2 pieces I absolutely love and cherish. The next image is one I purchased from Nicholas Nyland. I have always one of his paintings and I finally decided to buy one! I am happy I did because he has become so much more popular and the prices have gone up (as they should).

I cannot adequately describe Nicholas’ work but I will say this, I have stopped in the middle of a busy downtown street to photograph his paintings. I drooled over the piece forever and then finally decided to purchase it.

I think the only downfall to this piece is that I have it on too big of a wall, so I have been struggling with where to move it so it fits the scale of the room a bit better. I spray painted the frame a glossy white and that made it scream “1980’s” so I sprayed matte white over it and it turned out great.

Nicholas Nyland

Back to me: I like to rip/cut up paper and glue it into images. They aren’t great but they are definitely fun to do! Next week I will post some of the homemade cards I made Tyler (manfriend). Those are my real specialty!

 This little ball thing is something I threw together because I am OBSESSED with hot glue. No joke. I love it. It makes me happy! I had these decorative balls lying around but they seem pretty useless. I hot-glued them together with some moss and this looks awesome in our entryway:


Next week, I should post the watercolor painting my sister made of a Furby. It is one of my favorite things ever…but she might kill me. But in the end, isn’t make art about exploring yourself even if you are embarrassed of something? I think so. I can think of MANY thing I have done that are embarrassing and I think I will share them soon. Though, they will be torture for me to post on the web, but isn’t owning up to your embarrasing times and laughing at yourself all a part of learning on your Journey to Thirty!?

3 thoughts on “Decorating with Homemade Art

  1. I love what you did with the balls! It’s such a good idea. It looks like a MUCH better topiarie.
    I can’t even remember what the furby looks like…
    I am hoping to start making my own artwork for the house soon, more specifically, our bedroom. Its soo stark. I was thinking of finding a place that canprint my favorite picture of us on canvas in b & w and then go over certain parts of it in watercolor.

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