Is Your Cervix Beautiful?

So, again, this is something targeted more towards women, but it is something that men should know too.

One day I stumbled on the wensite: Beautiful Cervix and was completely amazed at what they are doing. I wish I could remember how I managed to “find” this treasure, but really, I was probably searching for things that no normal person searches for like:

How big is a cervix? What does cervical mucus look like during a cycle? How should my cervix feel? Blah, Blah, Blah and the list goes on…

There are images of a cervix taken throughout a woman’s ENTIRE cycle. I have to admit that when I first saw it I was a little grossed out and thought “I doubt any man would venture down there after viewing these photos” and then I saw that some of the photos are taken by the woman’s BOYFRIEND! How awesome is that!? I now LOVE this site and plan on showing these images to some of my students.

I would post a photo on here, but the author has asked that no photos be duplicated without her permission, so you should go have a look!

You can view images of a cervix during early pregnancy, after 2 vaginal births, post menopausal, and more. I showed this site to one of my best friends who shares the same Gyno as me and she said, “At my first Dr. visit, the Dr. asked me if I wanted to see my cervix”. I was mad! I recommended her to my Dr. who had never asked me if I wanted to gander at my cervix! I guess I could ask now, but part of me might not want to see.

They have a video showing how you can photograph your cervix and they are willing to accept photos from women who photograph their cervix[es?], so if you are interested, you should do it! This video is awesome and I love how they replicated a woman’s body!

One of the coolest things is that you can be their friend on Facebook! Cervix Power, and yes, I just added them!

I have to admit that I showed this to one of my manfriend’s male friends and looked at every single picture with his mouth gaping open. I can’t say he was grossed out or even enjoyed the picture, but it sort of looked like he was watching a horror movie and couldn’t look away.

I guarantee he went home and told at least 1 person! And you should too! Besides, every woman who is on her Journey to Thirty should know what her cervix looks like, what is does, and how it functions!

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