A Weeknight Cook? Me?

For the first time in my life I am discovering that I love cooking and I wish I had more time to cook. This summer I grew my own lettuce and tomatoes; I didn’t grow more than that because I was wary that I would kill them off, but as it turns out- I actually can keep plants alive and thriving much better than I anticipated!

So, I have been using my homegrown tomatoes in everything! Keeping with the trend in learning new recipes, I decided that I wanted to learn to make homemade pizza. I recently stopped into Williams-Sonoma to purchase a pizza stone and their fabulous Olive Oil Hand Soap, (the best smelling hand soap I have ever smelled) and stumbled upon the The Weeknight Cook, their new, amazing cookbook.

My tomatoes!

After gawking at the book and the gorgeous photos and simple recipes, I was sold. Sadly, I didn’t buy it because I was shopping on a budget. On my birthday, my manfriend woke me up to give me the book and I was ecstatic! I have since found myself drooling over the pictures and trying to decide which things I will make.

Finding this cookbook has definitely sparked my curiosity in cooking/baking, which is amazing because I am tragically challenged in the baking department. The most amazing thing about this cookbook is that the beginning sections tell you how to shop, organize your refrigerator, store food, and make basic doughs and bases for use later in your week.

Tonight I am making homemade pizza (not a recipe from The Weeknight Cook) using my homegrown tomatoes and store-bought mushrooms, zucchinis and mozzarella cheese and Martha Stewart’s Pizza Dough Recipe.It's happy!

I have zero patience, so I am amazed I could even sit through the 3 hours I needed to wait to let the dough rise! I walked into the kitchen, and the dough was huge! I don’t have a pizza peel, and the dough recipe says to use an inverted baking sheet but I tried that and it was a mess! So, I use one of my IKEA bendable chopping boards and it works like a dream!Homemade Pizza

Looks pretty good, and it was delicious! So, I guess not only learning to cook, but liking to cook is something that my Journey to 30 has taught me!

If you any good dough recipes or variations in toppings to try out, let me know. I am always interested in new recipes!

2 thoughts on “A Weeknight Cook? Me?

  1. What about pesto instead of pizza sauce, basil, mushrooms a plenty, fresh mozarella, and crushed red pepper flakes. We did that and it was delicious!

  2. That sounds so good! We made a chicken, bacon ranch pizza, which I normally don’t like but it was the BEST pizza I have ever had!

    We go crazy with the mushrooms too!

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