Tracking Your Cycle

So, this is definitely NOT something for the guys, but I urge every man out there to try to understand how a woman’s menstrual cycle works. I am sad to admit that I just started tracking my cycle about a year ago and I only started because my doctor told me to. I wish I would have started this years ago so that I could understand even more about how my body “works”.

Since I have been tracking, I am shocked at how naive I was! Now that I track my cycle on a regular basis, I urge everyone to do the same! Whether you want to track your menstrual cycle to help you conceive, detect fertility, understand your body or just want to know when to expect your period, tracking your cycle is a must.

Being a self-proclaimed “researcher”, I have found that I prefer MyMonthlyCycles. Many people use other sites, but I have grown comfortable with this one, so make your own judgements on what will work best for you.Here is an example of what my month of September looks like so far: cycle

I like that I can track anything from spotting (menstrual or not), symptoms (cramps, bloating, fatigue, headache, ovarian pain, etc), basal body temperature, cervical mucus, etc. MyMonthlyCycles also predicts when your next period and ovulation will occur. This is really great if you want to plan a vacation around your period (ie. the beach!) or if you want to try to conceive. You can predict up to 12 months and it is based on your past cycle history. Here is what my ovulation/menstrual predictor looks like: chart

You can pay to have your account upgraded, but I haven’t needed to do that. I really like the CycleViews section, which is basically a forum for all of the users to talk about their conception issues, dealing with cramps, and basically anything under the sun that could possibly come to a woman’s mind.

MyMonthlyCycles also connects to a site called WhenMyBaby and has many useful pregnancy calculators (for when you do conceive). For someone like me who lacks spontaneity, I like that some of the calculators tell you when you should conceive to have a baby on a selected date.

Now, I know that may be a little crazy, but if you are like me, I like to have an idea when things will happen so that I can “plan” around them. chart1

Tracking my cycles has taught me my cycle length, when I can expect to ovulate, when I can expect to spot or have pre-menstrual symptoms such as cramping or bloating.

Overall, it has made me feel much more connected to my body and any woman who is on her “Journey to Thirty” should feel that way too.

If any of you track your cycles on another site, let me know how it is working out for you. If you have any questions for me, let me know. I am freakishly comfortable talking about “my cycle”!

2 thoughts on “Tracking Your Cycle

  1. Personally, I have an iPhone and LOVE the PTracker application. You can do pretty much all the same things as the program you’re using. I’ve tracked my period from day one per my mom’s instructions, though obviously the manual way back then. It’s quite insightful, particularly when you’re experiencing any changes, liking moving in with other women, exercising more, taking birth control, etc. Definitely a post for the wimmins only. 🙂

    1. What’s so funny is that I don’t use this site anymore. I switched to Fertility Friend which is amazing! I plan on making a post about it soon to show how it shows ovulation etc. I think tracking your cycle is so important and it tells you a lot about your body for certain!

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